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The Girls With the Glasses Creator Summer Bellessa

Interview with the talented Summer Bellessa who is quite possibly the best dressed mom out there!

  1. You and I have known one another for a long time, you are one of the more stylish entrepreneurs I know, what and how did you get started in fashion?
    I started modeling at 4. That was my introduction into the fashion world, with Sears catalogs, and runway shows. I modeled full time at 16, and briefly had a clothing line at 23.
  1. You created a magazine back in the day named ELIZA that was geared toward modesty and fashion, why do you think this is so important for women?
    I think it’s important not to show womanhood in only one note. Yes, we’re sexual beings, but we also have a lot more to offer.
  1. As a mother, you juggle about 500 hats (so amazing) how do you stay on top of trends and mommy duty at the same time?
    Sometimes there really isn’t enough hours in the day, so I try to stay classic and timeless. It can save you time and money, rather than chasing every trend. I only incorporate trends that really speak to me or make me happy, like hot pink lipstick, or embellishments.
  1. You and brooke white have and amazing and fun site called “The Girls With the Glasses” – what type of information can women find here?
    We create videos about fashion, beauty, motherhood, and we sing the occasional parody.
  1. What are some of your top trends for kids this summer, as I know you love to keep those little ones on their toes!
    Having boys, I feel like I have to hunt a little deeper for cute things. I like the low crotch pants, nautical stripes, colorful kicks, and hats.
  1. What is one must have for summer that you can’t live without?
    White. I’m obsessed with white right now. Being a mom, it’s the closest thing I have to living on the edge.

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