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The Sports Gals Gift Guide!

You know it is that time of the year that we are shop shop shopping for gifts for each of our favorite people out there. What I love about this season is really finding different items for each of the individuals in our lives. If you are like me, you love to be fun and fashionable at sports events that you are either attending or even throwing in your own home. Most women are now sports fans, so why not seek out some different gear then they would normally expect!


Right now, I am all about mixing up a cool vintage tee, like this one from UNK X Topshop to give to any cool girl on the block. You can definitely wear it with a simple pair of jeans, or make it super fun and funky for your fashionable friends. I paired it with a hat, ripped denim, and on trend white booties. Also, vinyl pants are huge right now, so you can even find a fun varsity jacket on sale for a friend in team colors, that then can make fashionable or played down. I love the fun feel above with the white booties. Again, a fanny pack makes for a great gift for anyone fashionable or sporty.

Sports gal outfit

Check out some of my other picks below for any type of sports girl out there!

Mitchell and Ness Sweater

Mitchell and Ness Sweater

47 Brand Snap Back Caps

47 Brand Snap Back Caps

47 Brand Dodgers Tee

47 Brand Dodgers Tee

Nike x RT Varsity Jacket

Nike x RT Varsity Jacket

Sequins Bulls Tee

Sequins Bulls Tee

Steelers Wine Glasses

Steelers Wine Glasses

Dooney and Burke NFL bags

Dooney and Burke NFL bags


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Workouts with a partner are always fun!

One of the things that constantly happens to me come February is a loss of motivation. The winter has set in, the weather is cold, and I would much prefer to be eating comfort food. A great way to keep up the workouts is to do it with your partner. If you challenge one another, not only does it give you some one on one time together, but it always strikes up some friendly competition.

Camo workout jacket

Adidas performance leggings

Also, lets be honest, when you have on great workout gear it is pretty easy to get it together. One brand that has some great new women’s apparel is Adidas. Their Stella Sport line is super on trend, like this Camo jacket. The colors are perfect for Spring, and all of their track jackets are usually on my hit list. I prefer tight running leggings for workouts and these performance ones hold sweat great. Also, when you can continue your day in your outfit that is a plus.

Rhone activewear

For guys, I stumbled across Rhone, which is premium activewear for the modern man. The company was started by a group of busy professionals who were passionate athletes. It feels good, looks good, and performs better. Their shorts are my favorite, as most men that I have worked with on sets have felt they breathe well and look pretty cool too.

Rhone workout shorts

Workout shorts

The shoes! When it comes to a killer workout my feet need to be comfortable. From running, to cross training, or just plain walking the streets of New York. My favorite Adidas kicks can be found below.

UltraBOOST Running Shoes

UltraBOOST X LTD Running Shoes

Originals Tubular Defiant Casual Shoes

'Terrex Fast X GTX' Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Equipment Support ADV Running Shoe


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Dress for a sporting event

One of my passions in life, being raised in an NBA family, is that I have spent a good part of my life at sporting events. Athleisure wear has become such a big part of what we wear everyday, so it has become much easier to look cute, while still being comfortable at any type of game.

We know it’s hard to say goodbye to summer time, but when summer slowly runs it’s course, fall comes rushing in with cool breezes, beautiful colored leaves, delicious foods and yes, football season. Some may dread it, some may not even realize it’s here, and some may adore it, but regardless which category you fall into, you can’t deny going to a live sports game is beyond entertaining. The camaraderie, the cheering and the superstitious game-day-rituals make all sports events exciting. Whether you’re a super fan, or just a spectator, we’ll make sure you’re dressed and ready to go for any sports game.

Know The Venue
dress for a sporting event

Is this an outdoor stadium, or an indoor stadium? Where are your seats? Knowing ahead of time what the venue looks like and how it is laid out will prepare you for the type of day you will be encountering. Season ticket holders close to the field (or court), or first timers way up in the nosebleeds, you’ll be sure to enjoy it at any level.

Rain Or Shine
rain or shine

Anytime there is a chance of being outside, we always want to pay attention to the weather. Rain or shine, these large sporting events go on without hesitation. If there is even the slightest chance of rain, don’t assume the game will be cancelled—athletes have been trained to play in the worst conditions, so be ready to go no matter what.

Rain/Cold Weather

  • Layers for warmth
  • Sweatshirt with a hood
  • Beanie
  • Rain poncho (no umbrellas; they block the view of your neighbors)
  • Thick socks
  • Rain boots (if necessary)
  • Warm Weather

Warm Weather

  • Sunscreen
  • Light layers
  • Lightweight jacket or long sleeve (perhaps something you can tie around your waist)
  • Hat to shield your face

Go The Distance

Let’s not sugar coat it, the duration of the day will be long, especially after going up and down those steep stairs for hot dogs. Wearing extra comfortable shoes is more than a necessity for any game day activity so stick with shoes with rubber soles like trainers, or even a shoe with a small wedge heel to make sure your feet are not going to give out on you half way through the day. Boots are always a hit; just make sure you’re positive they can go the distance.

Know The Team Colors

dress in team colors to sporting event

If you are a fan, support your team by wearing team colors! It may seem silly, but it’s part of the fun to give in to sports traditions. If you feel strange walking through the grocery store before hand with paint on your face, we promise you’ll feel right at home as soon as you get in that stadium. In fact, you may even feel left out by NOT wearing the team colors. Also, knowing the opposing teams colors is a good idea too, because nothing is more awkward then accidently choosing an all orange ensemble at a Los Angeles Dodgers home game versus The San Francisco Giants.

Small Bags Are Best

Choosing a bag that is small and requires no hands is your best bet, because you’ll want to stay mobile and not worry about finding a place to set it down. Who knows how many drinks are spilled at a game, and we don’t want your bag getting soaked with soda and mustard from being smashed on the floor by your feet. Also, the NFL now has a clear bag policy, so make sure to keep up to date on rules and regulations.

Getting the chance to attend a sporting event is a real experience from the beginning. From the pre-game grill sessions, to the screaming fans, to the little kids dancing in the stands, to the “kiss-cam” on the big screen, you’ll find there is plenty to take in besides just the game. So put on your best game-face and get rowdy with the professionals!


Everyday, Game Day

Steelers Nation

womens pittsburg steelers jersey

There is nothing like walking into Heinz Field, the home of the Steelers. Growing up with all of my family hailing from Pittsburgh, I have followed this team since I was little. So many of my fondest memories are surrounded by sports, and many of them come from sitting in the stands watching my team play.
Womens Pittsburg Steelers Jersey
This season the Steelers are off to a great start, and their fans are there to support them in true NFL Fan Style.

As you drive around town you see banners hung from homes, people getting together on Sunday’s to homegate, and fans wearing their team gear with pride all year long.

The women of Steeler Nation are some of the biggest fans in the NFL, and when you go to the game they wear their jerseys. I love this about their fandom because they wear that number with pride. This season I am going to show you all kinds of fun ways to wear a jersey. It doesn’t always have to be with jeans and sneakers.

For me, it is #84 Antonio Brown all the way. Not only because he is amazing, but his street style is pretty fabulous. To a game, skinny jeans are easy to move in. I like to make the look a little more hip with a short boot that’s super comfortable. Let’s be real I will be jumping up and down the whole time. I added a chambray shirt to the look for a bit more detail.

Stay tuned this season as I show you more fun ways to rock a jersey, all teams are available at the NFL shop.

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Athleisure with Rag and Bones

FullSizeRender (35)
I have had such a blast so far at NBA Summer League. One of my favorite times of the year is to see all of the young players in the league on the courts.

One big trend that is still going strong is Athleisure, a mix of sports and fashion.

Rag and Bone is one of my favorite brands, and this season they have combined their signature style with a bit of sporty edginess. I love this Clementine top they currently have online.

Check out more of my favorite looks below from their collection!


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