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Making a weekend trip easy breezy!

When it comes to getting away for the weekend, I really try to bring pieces that I can mix and match so that my suitcase stays somewhat organized. Lately it seems that I am on a plane every other weekend or so, and making my fashion and beauty routine simple is a must. Sticking to a color palette that works across the board, is always a good idea. I also keep my makeup and nighttime routine very minimal and stick with the basics ( I mean you can always buy something if needed).

Trendy graphic tee for weekend trip

This whole look from J.Crew is fun, on trend, and so comfortable for travel. I usually add a jean jacket for the plane, as I always get cold. One thing I love about this graphic tee, is that you can wear it with a pair of jeans, a maxi skirt, or layer a leather jacket over it and make it into several looks. I usually pack two fun ones with me to wear.

colorful clutch

When it comes to bags, I like to make it easy. I found this colorful clutch from J.Crew that can also be thrown into my bigger tote for the day as a wallet. Anytime you can use one bag for the night it really helps with space. Mixing and matching patterns is big so go for it when it comes to this trend.

Leopard print pants

It is all about the lightweight pants. I can’t stand to be uncomfortable when I travel, and once the weather is nicer, linen pants work so well for me. How cool are these leopard print ones from J.Crew? For the night, I will add my nude pump and a cool blouse for a dinner date. Once again, I try to pack a fun pair that can be worn several ways over the weekend. Of course I always pack one jean in my suitcase as well!

New Balance sneakers for the weekend

Well shoes seem to be my hardest struggle when I pack. I simply want to bring ten pairs of sneakers with me, I mean who doesn’t? These New Balance kicks are perfect. Since they are full of color and very comfortable, they go with all my looks. Now all I simply need to pack are my running shoes, and one pump for the evening.

Baby-G watch

I used to never wear a watch, or maybe it was that they all didn’t work! These days I seem to be running all over, and knowing that I forget my charger half of the time, I like to make sure I have on a timepiece. Lately I have been into fun and sporty ones, like this dusty rose Baby G from Nordstrom. It is not very expensive, water resistant, and totally fun. Remember, keep it simple, have fun with wardrobe and mix and match to make your travel weekend easy!