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Getting back into the Groove!

We all know that summer can be tough when it comes to keeping up with our workouts. I mean lets be real, it is all about the burgers and beers. For me, when I come across a fun workout look, that always motivates me to get it back together again. One of my favorite lines for running and yoga is Onzie. Their pieces are so fun and trend forward that they make me want to get myself in gear again.

Onezie workout look

What I love about this set is the back is way cool. It makes for a subtle hint of fashion in it, and the trendy leggings are so fun. I will throw on a sweatshirt and cool kicks with them in the fall. I also love that these pants are hight-waisted making them easy for yoga.

Trendy high waisted leggings

Speaking of kicks, these New Balance for J.Crew are making my month. I love the mix of blue and pink. They are so comfy and have the perfect colorful mix that you don’t see that often. I will wear these for working out and for casual days around town.

New balance kicks

I picked up the cutest pair of aviators for $12.00 at Nordstrom. I tend to walk a lot outdoors as well, so if I do not have on my hat, then a cute pair of shades works well.


Last but not least, remember to grab the perfect Sneaker Lab products to keep your sneakers clean!

Sneaker Lab


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Summers with Sweat Cosmetics!

Okay guys, we all know that I am an active athlete and sun worshiper here in Los Angeles. For me, making sure that I have on the proper SPF and coverage is a must. I am literally always outside running, swimming, or just running around town, and so when I came across the coolest line of make-up Sweat Cosmetics I had to try.

Sweat Cosmetics

My face is really sensitive, but I like to have on some make-up when I am out exercising because it just makes me feel much better about myself. Sweat Cosmetics are high-performance makeup products designed to protect and enhance beauty while being on the go. They were developed and tested by Olympic female athletes in order to empower active women to embrace beauty and find their sweat. From the moment that I put it on, I knew that I was sold, and not only that, it outlasted a major run on the beach, plus a quick dip in the ocean. If you are on the go like me, run don’t walk to pick up their products.

Besides a good new cosmetic for on the go, I also tend to live in baseball hats in the summer when I am trying to beat the heat. This cute California hat from Nordstrom is the perfect pink and is only $15 dollars. I mean talk about a steal.

Nordstrom hat

The weather as we know cools off at night, and so I have been living in this cute adidas sweatshirt in the early am. It will be perfect for the Fall as well with my skinny jeans and sneakers. For now, I am on a white denim jean short kick. How cute are this pair from Topshop? You can wear them in the day, or pair them with a cute bootie and blouse for the night.

adidas sweatshirt

White denim shorts

Last, of course I have been living in my New Balance kicks that I have had for two years. They are worn in and go with almost everything. I love the simplicity of this color, but if you want a bolder pair they have a ton of fun colors right now.

New Balance sneakers


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Making a weekend trip easy breezy!

When it comes to getting away for the weekend, I really try to bring pieces that I can mix and match so that my suitcase stays somewhat organized. Lately it seems that I am on a plane every other weekend or so, and making my fashion and beauty routine simple is a must. Sticking to a color palette that works across the board, is always a good idea. I also keep my makeup and nighttime routine very minimal and stick with the basics ( I mean you can always buy something if needed).

Trendy graphic tee for weekend trip

This whole look from J.Crew is fun, on trend, and so comfortable for travel. I usually add a jean jacket for the plane, as I always get cold. One thing I love about this graphic tee, is that you can wear it with a pair of jeans, a maxi skirt, or layer a leather jacket over it and make it into several looks. I usually pack two fun ones with me to wear.

colorful clutch

When it comes to bags, I like to make it easy. I found this colorful clutch from J.Crew that can also be thrown into my bigger tote for the day as a wallet. Anytime you can use one bag for the night it really helps with space. Mixing and matching patterns is big so go for it when it comes to this trend.

Leopard print pants

It is all about the lightweight pants. I can’t stand to be uncomfortable when I travel, and once the weather is nicer, linen pants work so well for me. How cool are these leopard print ones from J.Crew? For the night, I will add my nude pump and a cool blouse for a dinner date. Once again, I try to pack a fun pair that can be worn several ways over the weekend. Of course I always pack one jean in my suitcase as well!

New Balance sneakers for the weekend

Well shoes seem to be my hardest struggle when I pack. I simply want to bring ten pairs of sneakers with me, I mean who doesn’t? These New Balance kicks are perfect. Since they are full of color and very comfortable, they go with all my looks. Now all I simply need to pack are my running shoes, and one pump for the evening.

Baby-G watch

I used to never wear a watch, or maybe it was that they all didn’t work! These days I seem to be running all over, and knowing that I forget my charger half of the time, I like to make sure I have on a timepiece. Lately I have been into fun and sporty ones, like this dusty rose Baby G from Nordstrom. It is not very expensive, water resistant, and totally fun. Remember, keep it simple, have fun with wardrobe and mix and match to make your travel weekend easy!


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J. Crew X New Balance for the New Year!

How is everyone doing with their New Year’s Resolutions? Like me, I started off strong, and as the winter sets in here in NYC, staying motivated isn’t always the easiest. I have always been an avid runner, and this year I have vowed to switch up my routine just a bit. One of my favorite things to do is take a fun dance class with friends. They are all over the city, and you literally can let loose, burn calories, and have fun at the same time!

Playful active wear

Active wear has become such a huge part of our everyday life, and when J. Crew announced a collaboration with New Balance, I was so excited for the launch. Not only are the pieces functional, but they are pretty hip and playful. One of my favorite pieces is this windbreaker. It is not available yet, but I am already putting myself on the waiting list. A big Spring trend is star patterns.

Starry windbreaker

This whole look is totally my style. I love the color blocking of both pieces, and the back of this top is not only sexy, but breathable. The pants fit perfectly, which is a huge plus. When working out, there is nothing worse then having to constantly fidget with what you have on. I usually don’t work out in just a sports bra, so this little bit of stomach that shows is just enough for me to feel really sexy and strong at the same time.

Perfect fit active wear

Can we talk shoes? This literally is the biggest component for me in working out. When it comes to running I need something lightweight that floats on air. Many companies are now making running shoes like this, especially Nike. My biggest rule of thumb is to try on several pairs in the store, and take a few minutes to walk around in them.

Nike lightweight running shoes



active wear collection


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Mix it up with a pair of kicks!

One of my favorite things about being in NYC is the fact that I get to really wear all of my favorite coats. About seven years ago, I purchased this faux fur coat from a vintage store in Los Angeles, and now I finally get to wear it all the time. Vintage shopping has always been something that I enjoy doing, and there are some many cool spots here in the city to check out. Just yesterday I stumbled on One Piece Designs where the owner is reworking all kinds of vintage sports tees. How cool is this Nike Air sweatshirt?

Vintage Nike Air sweatshirt

A faux fur coat seems to lend to a nice boot, but for me, I like to mix it up with a cool sneaker. New Balance has come out with a fun exclusive line with J.Crew, and the pop of gold in the shoe makes them feel a bit more luxurious. Not only that I can walk all around the city in them.

Gold sneakers

Since it is cold outside, I love to layer with a great chunky cable knit sweater. This one from Rag and Bone is not only comfortable but super on point trend wise. I love the cream color, as you can simply pair it with some jeans like these from Citizens of Humanity, or go for a full winter look and pair it with white jeans.

Chunky cable knit sweater

Going back to vintage, I also scored big at Decades located in Los Angeles. They always carry a huge selection of pieces, and I was lucky enough to find this quilted Chanel handbag on one of my shopping adventures. I don’t splurge more then once a year on a new bag, and this has been one of my favorite collectors items.

Quilted Chanel handbag

The great thing, is there are lots of bags that are under $100 that look very similar. Go ahead and shop the look below!