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A weekend getaway to Nantucket!

This past weekend I was lucky enough to take a little vacation to somewhere I have yet to be. I have always wanted to got to Nantucket, and let me tell you it did not disappoint. It is the cutest place filled with the most amazing people. Everywhere you go, the cobblestone streets are filled with local restaurants, bakeries, and fun boutiques.

Nantucket weekend getaway

Of course, a staple on the East Coast is a good pair of white jeans, and this denim pair from 7 For All Mankind were perfect. I simply paired them all weekend with several light weight sweaters. The weather is still chilly there, so you need to make sure to layer. My new favorite line is Lingua Franca available at Saks Fifth Avenue. They have cute sayings on them, and they are super comfortable.

Lingua Franca sweater

Hollenberg Brothers boots

There was lots of rain so my Hollenberg Brothers boots were great all weekend. When the sun did come out, my new floral Nike trainers were spot on.

We did head down to the beach, and the weather was nice enough to throw on this cute tee and hat the I am obsessed with from J.Crew. I did have a hoodie, but this outfit will definitely be worn there again.

Cute tee in Nantucket

My two favorite stops were a boutique by the name of Salt, and obviously the cash only local ice cream store that has a line around the block. Their vanilla with sprinkles was so amazing, of course I wanted to go back everyday. The women doing the buying for Salt carries all kind of small under the radar jewelry and bathing suit labels.

Nantucket ice-cream

Salt in Nantucket

Two of my favorite things about the island are the lighthouse and the cobblestone streets. They are a reminder of what a beautiful and charming place that the island, known as the “Grey Lady” is. The history of the lighthouse is so unique and paying a visit is a must. When you walk the streets in town, there is a vibe you don’t get anywhere else, and I can’t wait to visit it again!