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Stylish, Sexy and FIT- The Cosmo Girl- Astrid Swan

One of my favorite Hollywood trainers Astrid Swan is here to give you some of her favorite moves to keep you Cosmo Body ready!

  1. How did you get your start in fitness?
    I started modeling at age 14 and was immediately thrown to the wolves of being body conscious.  I made a choice at that young age to figure out a way to be healthy and not go the route of crash diets to be thin!  It was trial and error in the beginning but without realizing it, I was becoming a trainer not only to myself but my peers in the industry.
  1. You currently train several celebrities around town, how do you effortlessly go from the gym to everyday life?
    I wear a lot of black! Lol!  I have a busy schedule but I always try to look put together without trying to hard!  When the alarm goes off at 430am and sleeping in is 530am, I have a routine.  No matter what, concealer under the eye, I tint my lashes and love a light lip stain.  I always am in 3/4 leggings or full leggings, a cool sneaker (currently rocking a pair of air Jordan’s hello throw back!) If I have to run to a meeting after I train, I will throw on a fitted leather jacket or blazer and it becomes effortless and true to my aesthetic.
  1. As a lead trainer for Cosmo Body, you are constantly in front of the camera. Any tips on how to stay looking great after a workout?
    Immediately wash your face but don’t wash your hair that often!!!
  1. What are some of your favorite fitness lines and why?
    There are so many amazing fitness lines right now and I am thrilled to try them all!!  Michi, Koral, VPL, Lululemon, Without Walls for a great lower price point and I have to say, Eddie Bauer has some great fitted leggings right now (but go down a size as they run big!)
  1. As women, we love to get any great fitness tips from top trainers. Any go to moves for the summer?
    Curtsy lungesFull push-up burpes (I know 2 things people usually hate…. Those are the ones you should do more of 😉) V-ups
  1. Last, any great super foods you recommend to keep us svelte for bathing suit season?
    Coconut oil!  So great for energy & for your skin.  I cook with it, I eat with bee pollen as a snack, I use it as body lotion!  My fav!!!

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