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Springing into Outdoor Workouts!

This past winter both New York and Milwaukee have definitely been a bit more challenging for me. In the past, California has always provided me with daily beach runs and hikes, even fun outdoor yoga classes. Moving to the city in January, I have been doing most of my classes and training at Equinox. Of course, this isn’t a terrible thing, as they have an insanely nice gym full of great classes, and when I have it in me, I love to take a Soul Cycle class.

Gear for outdoor workouts

Now that the weather is changing the excuse to do workouts and yoga classes outside is happening again. Living in Tribeca, I am extremely lucky enough to be on the West Side Highway, where you can run all the way up to Central Park if you so choose. Also Chelsea Piers is right there, and I just may take a trapeze class this summer. Besides that, it is now Citi bike time, and renting these to cruise the city will get my fix from my beach cruisers sitting in Marina Del Rey.

Adidas backpack

One of the things that I have been into these days, is a good back back. We don’t realize this, but carrying a tote with yoga gear, extra clothes, and water bottles, can be hard on our bodies. When you are able to even out the weight, especially when walking to a class or riding a bike, it is so much better for you. I love this new one I just picked up from adidas. It is really cool looking, and holds enough in several pockets to get me through the day.

Workouts in color

On top of that, Spring screams color for me, and purple leggings and shoes are a showstopper. These Nike kicks are completely comfortable and I can cross train in them, as well as pair them with jeans and a t-shirt. I love these Zella pants from Nordstrom  because they are high-waisted. When I am doing yoga, I hate to fuss with my pants,  and you can pair a cute crop top with them.

Zella jacket

I am totally obsessed with this Zella jacket and adidas top also from Nordstrom because they can be used for workouts and for a look for the day. The crop top is going to be perfect with my denim skirt and booties, and this windbreaker is pretty cool on its own with my floral denim pants.


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