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Lets hear it for Hefty and an awesome day of flip cup!

Think about how many times you have met someone awesome over a red cup. For me, this simple cup from Hefty has always brought people together. From a simple college dorm room, to a friendly backyard bbq, or the coolest event at a baseball stadium, we all simply love a red cup.

Chuck Finley

The legend Chuck Finley

I was invited out to Anaheim for for the fun #PartyHefty flip cup challenge, and it was seriously so fun. The amount of fans that came to participate and share their stories and play was amazing. One of the greatest things about being an influencer is being able to participate in these fun activities. Not only that, my teammate was the legendary Angeles player Chuck Finley. I have to say I held my own, and cannot wait to play over the 4th of July, because what would a party be without a fun challenge, and a cup that requires no clean up!

Hefty flip cup table

The table ready for the first round

Hefty flip cup event

Gearing up for the event at the Anaheim Ball Park

Head over to or check out their facebook page  for more information on the event. Also look out Florida, I cannot wait to see the final event, and what teams made it!

Check out all the fun pictures from my day on Saturday in Anaheim.

#teamSuziG screenprinting

Custom screen printing was so much fun #teamSuziG

Chuck Finley wins

Chuck Finley in full action mode after winning his round!

#teamSuziG refs
My refs for the day, and they were fun and spot on with each challenge!

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