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A How to for Black Friday!

Black Friday is easily the biggest shopping day of the year, and we know that keeping up and scoring deals takes some serious effort. If you are planning on picking up the bulk of your gifts on this day, you need some strategic planning! Check out some of my tips below to score big after you have loaded up on too much turkey and pie.

Cool and casual for Black Friday

My casual but cool Black Friday look is a simple adidas sweatshirt and J.Crew cargo pant with some kicks. Hopefully I will still have this smile on my face as I breeze through the day!

Casual outfit


  1. Make sure that you are signed up for your favorite retailers newsletters or easily follow them on social media, as most will be posting all kinds of sales and deals that are going on. Think promo codes and special sale items.
  2. Set that budget. Make a list of who you are shopping for and what you want to spend on each person. Start early so that the items you have in mind are still available in store. If you have to order on-line you still have the time to avoid major shipping charges.
  3. Do your research. Before you hit the ground running, make sure you know what your favorite retailers are offering for Cyber Monday, as you may be able to score even bigger here on deals and sales.
  4. Prioritize. Make sure you map out your day from start to finish, keeping in mind a good place to refuel for lunch. You want to make the most of your time and avoid being in your car longer then needed. Also, shop the back of the store first to avoid the hordes of people. You will function much more efficiently.
  5. Make sure your cell phone is charged. You can redeem coupons and get extra savings while completing purchases. If you have a battery charger make sure to have it on hand.
  6. Read before you buy. Make sure you know what the return policies are, especially during the holidays. Read the fine print and always ask for a gift receipt to ease the process in the event your gift is exchanged or returned.
  7. LAST, but so important, make sure that you dress comfortably. That means comfy denim or leggings, sneakers and a sweater. If you are planning on trying things on, you do not want to be weighted down with things that are hard to take on and off!
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